Oli’s Thai, Magdalen Road

Admittedly I had heard a lot about this place but never got round to trying it out. However, as luck would have it on Friday night, they happened to have a table for four, so a couple of beers at The Rusty Bycycle was followed by a glorious feast here.

Set in the Magdalen Road suburb of Oxford that boasts Oxfork, The Magdalen Arms and The Rusty Bycycle, it is in a foodie part of town.

What strikes you about Oli’s is what they have done with the space available. Simplicity is key to the layout and the space has been maximised, accompanied by a bar dining area ensuring there are more than enough covers to go round.

This simple philosophy is adhered to when it comes to the menu. There are limited choices, but again this works because they focus on serving what’s on the menu well rather than serving loads of below par dishes.

So once in and sat down we ordered crackers, fritters and beer while we decided what we wanted for mains. It wasn’t a laboured decision for me; I was drawn straight away to the Confit of Duck Panang Curry (below) which didn’t disappoint. The meat simply fell away from the bone and there was plenty of it. The curry had a nice kick to it and was just the kind of thing to cure Friday night’s hunger.

20140331-070059 pm.jpg

Continuing the simplicity theme, Oli’s Thai doesn’t need a huge blow by blow account from me telling you how good it is, it’s already the place I’ll be sending people for Thai in Oxford. They have focused on doing the basics well and it shows.

A welcome addition to Cowley and another string to the Magdalen Road foodie bow!

Food of the Ox rating: 9/10


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