The Bat and Ball, Cuddesdon

So finding a great place to relax and unwind on a Friday evening is not always as easy as it seems. However, The Bat and Ball, with its welcoming staff, open fire and great food is fast becoming top of the Ox for this type of meal.

When we go here, we go for their show stopper, the Bat Burger (pictured). It’s an absolute beast but it’s simple and filling and offered with a choice of fillings, slaw and chips.

20140126-074130 pm.jpg

But the B&B has a little extra draw, especially for anyone who likes cricket. The pub is covered in cricket memorabilia, from bats to pads, balls to ties, programmes to autographs and is a great way to decorate a pub!

The pub also offers a changing specials menu for starter, main and pudding and is a great hidden gem 10 minutes outside of the city in the picturesque village of Cuddesdon.

I would recommend this if you want a relaxed and welcoming proper pub venue, which has you relaxing the moment you walk through the door.

Food of the Ox rating: 9/10


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