The Tree Hotel, Iffley Village – Buffet Dining

Buffet food is always tempting with a hangover right? Wrong, I went and sampled the Tree Hotel in Iffley Village on a wet Sunday afternoon, sober, fresh from football, to find out how I felt about it with a clear mind. 

I can already sense foodies from Oxford scoffing and frowning at the very concept; ‘buffet….ha’ will be mentioned under breath, but for those of you with open minds please read on. Although the hotel also offers the traditional Sunday Roast buffet, the main attraction here was International food, largely with an Asian influence, and in this case, Indian food. 


As with any buffet, I sampled most of it, and I have to say all the food was good. In reality a buffet is always going to be a buffet, and there is usually something for everyone and in this case it is good solid food, no thrills, just tasty and cost effective. The Indian food is in the higher echelons of buffet food available in the city, a particular highlight was the chicken tikka.

The real highlight for me though, was the puddings available off the main menu. A flaming creme brulee that tasted as good as it looked and topped of a good buffet experience. 

For those of you looking for an Indian buffet, this is well worth a visit. 

Food of the Ox buffet rating: 8/10


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