Latest from Snow Factory HQ, The Castle Quarter

We’re all aware that the Snow Factory has operated from a hidden Oxford Location for the past 1.8 million years, thanks to global warming recently, the cloud cover over the whole of the Northern Hemisphere has meant that the elves haven’t been able to harness the sparkle from moonlight, to turn into snow. 
It was getting to the point where the elves were being laid off (Cue the message of Global Warming and Economic Gloom) and that Christmas was about to be cancelled, when one elf in particular had the realisation that heat melts snow, so it might also evaporate cloud. 


(Image courtesy of

He’s created oodles of fires, across the Castle Quarter, converting all the heat into a Sky Burner, his hope is that he can save Christmas – he happily accepts that he’s revealed the location of the Snow Factory to the humans (who commonly don’t like to believe such stuff), but the risks are worth the return.

So, every 45 minutes (between 6pm and 10pm) from Light Night to 8th December, we’ll have a 5 minute animation on the wall of the Malmaison, followed by (if Elf manages to burn through the cloud cover) a five minute snow storm from a major snow machine. With fires all round the Castle Quarter, mulled wine and Snow Factory Globes on sale, it will be an amazing quarter of Oxford. 

We’ll also resurrect the same story for a stunning Christmas Eve around the Christmas Tree, but that’s still a while away and it’s ever such top Secret – Needless to say, we’ll all want to be there, when the Elves finally find out whether Christmas will have to be cancelled or not – and will be keeping ourselves entertained with Carols, Mulled Wine, Sausages on Sticks, Choirs and merriment. 


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