Hannah Bakes, Thame

This weekend I felt compelled to bake. I had obviously been inspired and I didn’t have far to look for the reason why. Last week I was lucky enough to sample some treats from an up and coming local baker, Hannah Bakes, who is based just outside of Thame – obviously my trigger for my baking experiment. But why such a trigger? Read on to find out why.

Within my box of treats (see picture) from Hannah Bakes were two Snickers flavoured cupcakes, two cinnamon swirl flavoured cupcakes, a lovely pack of mini-meringues with a chocolate and pistachio topping and two mini carrot cake cupcakes.  From my experience with cupcakes and baking produce, the devil is in the detail. So many cakes and bakes look nice, but don’t taste nice and vice versa. So with that in mind I thought I would de-construct every element of what I had in-front of me. I knew when I opened the box that I would eat everything, even before I’d tasted it but I wanted to dig a little deeper into the culinary foundations.

But before I ate the cupcakes I wanted to see how they looked inside out and laid bare, so I cut them in half. Surgically, clinically and straight down the middle.  As you can see of my deconstruction of the Snickers cupcake, great care had evidently been taken with the piping and finer nuances of cupcake decoration -this is food made with the attention, devotion and detail that ensures that Hannah Bakes will not go down as just another baked goods producer. The cinnamon swirl cupcakes were equally well constructed, but also tasted brilliant. I am always fighting an uphill battle to convince myself that sponge is not boring and bland, but when the sponge tastes as good as the butter icing, I generally know I’m onto a winner, further proven when I have eaten it along with the butter icing leaving nothing behind.



The mini carrot cupcakes  also held their own under my surgical exploration. The future Mrs Ox and I devoured these in a new personal best for baked goods consumption, topped off with the mini meringues (and the speed in which we did so can probably be classed as not healthy, but again is testament to how good they tasted). The cake and butter icing were phenomenal, I don’t have any other way of describing it you.

Such was the impression made, I thought it would be worth exploring some more of Hannah Bakes’ produce, this time only virtually on Instagram, and I was sold with my eyes on most things. All that is left for me to say I was inspired, and it’s probably easy for you to understand why now. If you do anything on the back of this, try some of this produce.

Food Of The Ox Rating: 9.5






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