The Oxford Bakehouse, Oxford

Believe it or not, The Ox is a fiend for cupcakes. Some of my family pride themselves on their levels of baking and cupcakes are always a hit. However, given that I have recently been on a huge health kick, which has involved cutting dairy, wheat and gluten almost completely out of my diet, this has meant that these pocket size perfections have been off my radar. 

Imagine my delight when I found out The Oxford Bakehouse cater for the exact situation, of course I had to try some. Owner Rachel was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease eight years ago and her own personal experience has spurred her on to provide cakes that tick the boxes for what she can eat. I know from my hunt for taste fulfillment that sticking in these boundaries is a challenge. Yet all the best entrepreneurial ideas seem to come from a personal circumstance and this is no different. 



I sampled two flavours, classic vanilla (called The Classic Cupcake:
Vanilla sponge with a classic buttercream topping – this one isn’t dairy free) and mint chocolate (called Minty Fresh: Dark chocolate sponge with a mint green flavour topping) Of course when you take wheat, dairy and gluten away from any mixture the result is going to be different to one with those ingredients, but in this case not any less of a hit. I found these cakes to be lighter than your normal cupcake, as expected, but they still have a solid texture and an excellent flavour. I shared these with family members and we were all in agreement that these were a great cake that works for those needing to avoid certain ingredients. 

For any of you who love consuming cakes but need to live within the ‘free from’ boundaries then please check out The Oxford Bakehouse. 

For more information please visit

Food Of The Ox rating: 8.5/10




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