Bar Meze, Headington


I have been on the hunt for another meze offering in Oxford for quite a while now, having been a big fan of the Greek restaurant on the Cowley Road, Kalamata (formerly Santorini). Their offering of set meze with a drink for £15.00 a head, I always felt was good value and hard to ignore.

Crucially though, I have never had a yardstick to judge it on. Many times I have passed the venue for this blog, Bar Meze (Turkish Cuisine) in Headington, and wondered what treasure might be hidden away, so this time I had to investigate. Headington has a rapidly expanding food scene with stalwarts such as Jacobs and Field, The Black Boy and Café Noir already placed there and Bar Meze is a fantastic string to Headington’s bow.

The meze selection of hot and cold offerings offers one for £3.50, three for £9.00, six for £17.00 and nine for £24.00. £24.00 for nine meze dishes represents great value to me, and with this in mind we got ordering – what a delight rapidly choosing dishes from a menu is.


We went for the following: Borek (filo pastry with feta cheese and parsley), Turkish Meat Balls (lamb) , Baked Humous with spiced lamb, Kalamari, Sosis Saute (sausage in a tomato sauce) , Cacik (yoghurt, cucumber, mint and garlic) and Saksuka (stir fried aubergine, potatoes, red pepper, courgette, carrots in a yoghurt sauce), Cop Sis Tavek (mini chicken kebabs) and Falafel.

The above meze platters came with complimentary pita bread and were a fantastic combination of pix and mix meze at its finest.

There is something that grabs at the quintessential Brit in me, perhaps it’s the voyage back to childhood picnics that does it but mixing flavours from smaller dishes is social and exciting at the same time.


I wholeheartedly recommend Bar Meze if you are looking for something different, something outside of the city but inside at the same time, and something fresh.


FoodOfTheOx rating: 9.5/10



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