Burger Menu Launch at The Royal Oak, Woodstock Road

It was with great eagerness that I accepted the kind invite from The Royal Oak to go and sample their new burger menu on launch night.

For those of you who don’t know about The Royal Oak, it sits in a particular busy foody quarter of Oxford. However, amongst the dominance of the area from restaurants such as Browns and The Old Parsonage, not to mention the haunts in Little Clarendon Street, The Royal Oak is a welcome change with a refreshingly value for money menu, but with proper gastro-pub grub.

However, they have set ambitions on the growing burger scene in Oxford. This is no mean feat in itself with heavyweight bun busters such as Byron and Atomic Burger it needs something special to bring a third rival into the mix.

So, it was with huge anticipation that I, and the Head of Drinks at FoodOfTheOx, Dan, turned up to sample the offerings.

Already waiting for us on our table was the burger menu (See below). A well put together menu with some classics and some new burgers. It’s nice to see different meats on offer and this is what caught my eye. I sampled the pork and chorizo burger with beef brisket. I also had a side of celeriac, apple and lettuce slaw. (See picture). This combination was an absolute winner, with the beef adding a nice twist to the tasty combination of pork and chorizo. 


The burger fully delivered and only served to reinforce my view that this is one of the most up and coming gastro-pubs in the city center. Those of you like the Red Lion in nearby Gloucester Green need to check this place out. For those of you who are ardent burger fans, check out the burger menu here too and you won’t be disappointed.



FoodofTheOx rating: 9.5/10



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