The Royal Oak, Woodstock Road

The Royal Oak is located at the Oxford base of the Woodstock road and could quite easily claim the tag as the hidden gem of this particular foody quarter of Oxford. With Browns, Branca, The Old Parsonage and Gees as competition on its doorstep, it certainly isn’t hiding away.

The pub certainly looks the part but what initially enticed us was the menu, with well thought out dishes that attract, and combined with enticing prices we thought we would give it a try. (

The pub itself consists of nooks and crannies that make for a fine dining experience. Our table was tucked away towards the back of the restaurant, but this didn’t detract from the atmosphere which was alive and buzzing with the noise of happy (and merry) diners enjoying their food.


I opted for the cheese burger but decided to add the pulled pork (see photo). Pulled pork has recently blazed a trail across TVs throughout the UK on Man V Food and it did not disappoint allied with the homemade burger. Along with the fries this was classic pub fare and thoroughly enjoyable washed down with pint of Doombar.

For me, this is one of the hidden gems of the city centre and probably doesn’t get the recognition it deserves, probably because of where it is located. However, if you are looking for a break from the norm in the city and want to try something that is as equally good value as it is tasty then the Royal Oak is where you should go.

FoodoftheOx rating 9/10


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