The Mole, Toot Baldon

Toot Baldon is a stone’s throw away from Oxford, just outside Nuneham Courtenay and plays host to the fine gastro-pub,  The Mole.

The pub is just as pretty as the village that it is based in and holds a reputation around the county for serving fine food and glorious surroundings.

As you would expect from a gastro-pub the menu has classic dishes with a contemporary twist. I chose to start with the wood pigeon, which cannot be faulted in terms of presentation or taste. This was followed by a classic steak and chips, served with peppercorn sauce (but you can choose other sauces) mushroom and tomatoe. My chips were verging on perfection and the steak was top-notch.

In terms of price, The Mole is not cheap, but the food cannot be faulted. If you are seeking a Pub outside of the city to sample some fine food, then try the Mole rated as one of Alistair Sawdays best 100 pubs in England.

Food Of The Ox rating: 8/10


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