Branca, Jericho

Branca is one of those restaurants that catches you from the outset. It sits proudly in the heart of Jericho and outwardly projects a calm, yet classy image. Inside, the calmness is a myth – here is a restaurant that is a hive of activity, buzzing and busy.

We were shown to a table at the rear of the restaurant, and the one thing that struck me was the atmosphere. There is a real sense of being out for a meal in a busy city restaurant – a great place to warm up for a night out, or just to go for a nice meal.

So, with the atmosphere box fully ticked, what about the food? Well, it’s what you would expect from an Italian restaurant – flavorsome, fresh and attractive. To start we opted for the sharing meze platter, which was perfect for two people to share and enjoy.

For main, I chose the seafood risotto with saffron which was absolutely sublime and very well presented and tasted as good as it looked.

For those looking to eat a classy meal out in classy surroundings and looking to feel the city vibe, go to Branca.

Food of the Ox rating: 9/10



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