Zappi’s Bike Cafe, St Michael’s Street

Cakes!Dan & Dan

Situated off Cornmarket in the site of the old bookbinders lies Zappi’s, a fresh concept to cafe’s in Oxford – a bike cafe.

The cafe sits proudly on the second floor of Bike Zone, amongst the bikes,  and continues the legacy of Zappi’s Bike Cafe that used to be based in Walton Street in Jericho.

The whole place is adorned with biking memorabila from Flavio Zappi’s racing career, and some mornings you can see the famous man himself and some of the ‘Zappi’ bike team drinking coffee in the cafe after a ride.

However, the cafe is quickly gaining a reputation for excellent coffees and teas at value for money prices. With a selection of brilliant cakes the cafe is a must try, if not only to meet the managers, Dan and Dan (pictured), who will make you feel at home amongst the bikes.

I had a flat white with some carrot cake, both crafted with attention and skill, and coming to under £5, both priced fantastically.

Next time you are in Oxford, and fancy trying somewhere new, make sure you pop in to Zappi’s and try the coffee and the cake. After all, cycling in the city deserves celebration, and where better to do so?

Food of the Ox rating: 9/10


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