Atomic Burger, Cowley Road (Take II)

New Menu!

New Menu!

Like all the best kept secrets, it’s a whisper that turns into a shout. Suitably impressed by my first visit to Atomic Burger, I had to go back – but can you blame me? With a newly designed menu and the breakfast now part of the offering there was my excuse (as if I needed one!).

Building on from the quirky foundations that make this place what it is, Martin and his team have decided to re-vamp the menu and with this comes a fresh approach to loyalty cards – the Atomic Burger sticker book! Regulars pay a small fee to get the sticker book and collect stickers from each part of the menu to be rewarded.

Another exciting change for the restaurant is including breakfast in their offering, available from 10am – 12pm. Keeping to their roots there of course is a burger – The Judd Nelson Breakfast Burger that includes ‘Sausage patty, bacon, fried egg, American cheese, pancakes and homefries.’ It doesn’t stop there though, and you can indulge in waffle stacks, veggie breakfast burgers, pancakes, Mexican breakfast, cereal and French Toast if eating out in the morning.

Sadly for me I had come at the wrong time for breakfast, which means I had to have a main course. I tried the ‘Dead Elvis’ containing Swiss Cheese, American Cheese, bacon and onions with a side of Sci-fries, which was an epic burger washed down with a couple of bottles of Samuel Adams beer. To finish up I had the American pie of the day which was Banoffee – a superb sweet to top everything off with.

For me what is so refreshing about Atomic Burgers is the fact that it celebrates originality and creativity and the fact that everything fits. The Cowley Road really is the Bohemian part of Oxford, and Atomic Burgers can be proud that it’s one of the quirkiest and original offerings on the road, with an atmosphere that makes you understand why it’s constantly packed out.

This place is a must try for anyone looking for a good meal out in Oxford, and what’s more they can even do takeaways!

Food of the Ox rating take II: 9.5/10














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