Georgie Porgie Cakes, Beckley


The Ox is not usually known for his sweet tooth, but having seen the pictures on the website,, I decided to find out some more about Georgie Porgie Cakes.

This Oxford based family business lies on the outskirts of the city in Beckley, and uses locally sourced ingredients to make their cakes in the family kitchen, which is a nice concept; local cake company using local ingredients – maybe it’s just me, but there’s something about local traders using local ingredients to sell local products in the city, it just works.

More important than this is what the cakes actually taste like, and as you can see I was presented with a vast array of colorful cakes that before even tasting captivated my senses visually.

Creamy, sweet icing working in tandem with detailed decoration on top of perfect sponge – again, its a winning formula that will satisfy any sweet toothed craving.

If you are in need of some cakes for any occasion, give Georgie or Sally a call on 01865  351150 and indulge your cakey cravings!

Food of the Ox rating 9/10





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