Jacobs and Field, Headington

Basil Chicken sandwich

Basil Chicken sandwich

Sometimes all you need to lift you out of the Sunday afternoon blues is a haven offering fresh food and a friendly welcome, and that’s exactly what is on offer at Jacobs and Field in Headington.

Hidden away just off the cross-roads on the Old High Street towards Old Headington, this grocers/delicatessen/cafe/bistro is a fantastic place to spend time sampling the goods on offer.

First things first, after a cycle-ride something savoury was needed to re-fuel and the Basil Chicken sandwich (pictured)  fitted the bill perfectly, fresh and tasty and with a generous filling.

After hearing only good things about the Banana Bread on offer, we thought it was our duty to get in on the action and sample some (toasted)  for ourselves and it did not disappoint, see picture (below).

All in all Jacobs and Field is a welcome addition to the culinary offerings in Oxford, and definitely a treasure that Headington should be proud of.

Food of the Ox rating: 8.5/10


Banana Bread

Banana Bread


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