G & Ds, Cowley Road

G & D's ice cream

Ice Cream Rocks!

G & Ds cafe  is a vibrant and quirky venue, aligned well to its location on the Cowley Road and proud to be different.

As well as the  normal cafe fare including coffee, milkshakes, cakes and bagels,  G & Ds is famous for its ice cream, and our visit on Friday night found the cafe buzzing and busy. The Ox opted for Dime Bar ice cream with caramel topping (see picture!) which more than satisfied the sweet tooth.

They offer different flavours of Ice cream every day, and Dime Bar flavour is just one of the very unique flavours that are well worth checking out. Also worth trying is the coffee which has been championed on twitter as some of the best on offer in Oxford! Combined with this, they offer free wi-fi through a ticketing system available with any purchase. And as if that wasn’t enough, they regularly host live music making G & Ds a multi-functional venue.

Whether you wish to surf the day away on wi-fi with a reputable coffee, indulge yourself on the cakes and ice cream, or just pop in for your lunchtime bagel, G & Ds is definitely worth checking out.

Food of the Ox rating: 9/10




One thought on “G & Ds, Cowley Road

  1. No wheelchair access at St Aldates, wheelchair access (and friendly) at Little Clarendon, Cowley seems mixed.

    Unfortunately they don’t seem to offer alternate arrangements either.

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