The Big Bang, Jericho

The Big Bang

Sausages in fine form!

Bangers and mash is one of the defining dishes of our country, and this restaurant tucked away on Walton Steet in Jericho celebrates this classic dish in all its glory.

Spread over three floors, sizewise there is much more to this restaurant than meets they eye. The menu is indeed, very quirky. Hidden in classic novels, this is a nice approach to a menu which certainly makes for a memorable meal. Combined with this they try to source everything locally, supporting the local economy which is always a plus point for any local venture.

I opted for the Welsh Pork and Leek sausages, with the Grain Mustard Mash and a Stilton Gravy and it did not disappoint! Added value comes in the chance to mix and match sausages, mash types and gravy types from across the menu – variety definitely works here! Coupled with this my dish came with peas and red cabbage making for a truly colourful picture on a plate (see pic!)

All in all, this restaurant does exactly what it says on the tin – it makes a big bang about bangers and mash and is a another great independent restaurant thriving in the Oxford food scene – we dined on a Saturday night, and as a restaurant should be it was packed to the rafters.

Food of the Ox rating 9/10


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