Fishers, St. Clements

If the clue wasn’t in the name, the portholes on the outside are a big giveaway – of course Fishers is a dedicated Fish restaurant on St. Clements.

Not only does it specialise in fish, the whole restaurant has a nautical/seaside theme with pier-esque seats, portholes and other fishy items whisking you away to a little piece of the sea-side in the heart of Oxford.

The food itself does not disappoint, with the popular early dining menu offering fish-dishes for £6 if ordered between 6 and 6.45 pm.

I test-drove the menu and sampled the half kilo of mussels which were lovely, and complimented by a garlic white wine sauce that can’t be ignored at the end (for readers less concerned with etiquette and more concerned with flavour, you will be pleased to know I finished the sauce too).

There are lots of different deals offered to diners so it’s worth checking out the website for all offers, my suggestion would be get there before 6.45 and you won’t be dissapointed!

Food of the Ox Rating 9/10



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