The Black Boy, Old Headington

For years I have driven through the cross roads in Headington, never giving thought as to what may lie down the road to my right as I headed towards town, until one day I was told that The Black Boy was a great place to eat in Oxford. Intrigued, I investigated.

Old Headington is a leafy backwater in Oxford that is off the beaten track, and also home to the Black Boy gastro-pub. Upon entry to this pub, what greets you is modern decor and a vibrant atmosphere.

In terms of food, the menu is well thought out and full of enticing options. I opted for the crayfish risotto to start from the specials board, which came as a perfect entrée sized portion and tasted as nice as it looked.

Despite the more glamorous offerings on the menu I opted for the beer battered fish and chips. Maybe it’s just me (it probably is) but I always think a pub menu should pay homage to fish and chips, and the Black Boy does so with style with the pea and mint purée offering a  modern twist on this classic dish.

On top of all this, the majority of the main courses are priced under £10 – great value for money proving stylish food, in stylish surroundings doesn’t need to be pricey.

All in all, a definite must-check out Pub in Oxford.

Food of the Ox rating 9/10


2 thoughts on “The Black Boy, Old Headington

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  2. Having had the pleasure of eating here a few months ago, I concur that this is an excellent establishment. The food was delicious, decently priced bearing in mind its quality, and the service very pleasant. My only concern was that the pub seemed pretty empty at the time, and it was a Friday night. Not sure if that is because it is off the beaten track, or whether it was just a quiet night. Certainly all the feedback on it does seem positive, so happy to second your recommendation!

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